Comic Strip News & Reviews On, but not of, The 4th

As was foretold here a couple weeks ago, Scott Cohn began signing the Judge Parker comic strip today. No, we don’t when, or if, Bret Blevins will sign The Phantom comic strip.



It’s a good weekend to be a happy camper, and I am.

Alley Oop (also Little Oop) is back in Stone Age Moo where he belongs. This nothing on Joey and Jonathan, it goes for The Benders, Graue and creator Hamlin. The first couple time travels were novelties, then it became de rigueur. Overused to the point where I became inured to the adventures outside of prehistory. Now Alley is back where he started and I hope he stays there for a while.


The Phantom © King Features Syndicate

Scott Cohn tweets:

While@TheMonstermanis on the mend,@BlevinsBretand I took on both #ThePhantom & #JudgeParker to help out. Bret on layouts, me on lettering, & both finishing strips. It’s been, and still is, an absolute crazy month!

If I’m interpreting that correctly Scott and Bret are collaborating on the Manley strips. Bret doing full art on The Phantom with Scott lettering, while Bret is laying out the Judge Parker strip while Scott pencils, inks, and letters The Judge.


Yes I know it is realistic language, but not sure I like Luann being so crude.


© North America Syndicate

The dangers of source material. Above is the Spencer spread early 2021.

Reed Brennan sent out a media advisory:

King Features Syndicate has issued a correction for Judge Parker Sunday for 7/10.

The barn was removed in panel one.

Seems Scott (Bret?) used a reference panel for Judge Parker from sometime before mid-2021.

About a year ago:

Okay, that enough of Judge Parker for today.


© North America Syndicate

Except for a select few, Jules’ Mark Trail is right on the state of journalists.


© Tribune Content Agency

Returning to the moon. Don’t like the Chester Gould moon era and was glad when Max Collins trash canned it. But the Mike Curtis Dick Tracy Moonies seem different to me. I’ll have to wait and see.


© Gary Larsen

It took a half a year but Gary Larsen put up new stuff at The Far Side site.


© MFry & TLewis

Here’s Over the Hedge, I couldn’t get through today without mentioning The Fourth (wall).


Macanudo © Liniers; Wallace the Brave © Will Henry

Celebrating Comic Art.

Prickly City, Rose is Rose, Mutts, Non Sequitur, Over the Hedge, and more. You know there is great comic art on today’s funny pages. Above is Macanudo and Wallace the Brave.


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