Bill Rupp – RIP

U.S. Army(ret), sports (golf) writer, cartoonist Bill Rupp has passed away.

William Nathaniel (Bill) Rupp
December 27, 1945 – May 24, 2022

From the obituary: 

He graduated from LCHS in 1963 and joined the US Army on August 26, 1963. He later graduated from IU with a BS radio and communications in 1973. He retired September 30, 1983. He worked as the European Sales Manager Russ Berrie Toys from 1983-1985, ITT Telecommunications Instructor from 1986- 1987, and in 1987 was an Intern for Channel 13, WTHR-TV April through May.

He served as an IGA delegate as well as PGA golf course rater. He was as past member of Royal Oaks Golf Club. He was a member of the Masons, Wayne Guthrie Lodge #753.

More from the obituary:

He drew and wrote the cartoon strip “Balls and Tees”
published in the Daily Journal each weekend.

above: the July 19, 1997 introduction of "Balls 'N' Tees."

Balls ‘N’ Tees appeared weekly (Saturdays) in the Franklin (Ind.) Daily Journal 1997 – 1998.