Cartoonists in Briefs (Newsbriefs)

Mo Willems

Strapping in for a self-proclaimed emotional roller coaster ride, author-illustrator Mo Willems sat down with Union Square Kids editorial director Tracey Keevan to discuss his epic 20-year-plus journey in children’s books and the release of his eighth Pigeon book, The Pigeon Will Ride the Roller Coaster! (September).

By way of highlighting Willems’s achievements, Keevan chronicled a running list of “Mo by the Numbers”: 65+ books, 40 New York Times bestsellers, 26 foreign-language editions, seven musical adaptations, six Emmy Awards, two Theodor Seuss Geisel Awards, five Geisel Honors, four licensed theater productions, three animated series, two HBO Max specials… and, of course, one fabled pigeon.

Publishers Weekly updating on Mo Willems creativity.


Ken Eppstein

On May 12, Eppstein went to his local post office and dropped off more than 2,000 copies of a one-page comic strip, which will be sent to neighbors and businesses in his 43202 zip code through the USPS’ Every Door Direct Mail service. “Everybody’s going to get it, whether they appreciate it or not,” Eppstein said.

The project, which Eppstein funded through a Greater Columbus Arts Council grant, introduces the comic artist (and his dog, Lucy) to his neighbors with a six-panel cartoon and an “About the Artist” blurb on the flip side.

Columbus Alive introduces Ken Eppstein introducing himself.


David Sipress

Some people might make lemonade from whatever lemons life brings, but David Sipress makes cartoons. In his book, “What’s So Funny? A Cartoonist’s Memoir,” Sipress gives readers a delightful and intimate book about his childhood in New York, his relatives, his education, and his adult experiences, interspersed with selected cartoons from his past 24 years as a staff cartoonist at “The New Yorker.”

The Carlsbad Current Argus reviews David Sipress‘ autobiography.


Abby Haywood


Goofy, funny and random items have become fodder for East Kentwood High School senior Abby Haywood’s cartoons, which include appearances by a vintage Garfield phone and a huge rubber duck.

But she also draws inspiration from serious material: news headlines and issues affecting the world and teenagers. Her bubbly, big-eyed characters provide commentary on relationships, COVID-19, politics and more, serving as an outlet for her own perspective on things.

“I kind of just latch onto anything that I think is kind of funny,” she said. “I try to make fun of it, I guess, with pictures.”

School News Network profiles up and coming cartoonist Abby Haywood.


Jim Keefe

Syndicated cartoonist Jim Keefe discusses Sally Forth, bringing the pandemic into the funnies, and the perils of work for hire.

Comics Culture with Jim Keefe (YouTube).


Dan Kirchoff

People may not know Dan Kirchoff, but around here, they have likely seen his work.

His political cartoons have recently appeared in The Camden Herald, The Courier-Gazette and The Republican Journal, and he has also been busy as a book illustrator working with Downeast Books among other publishers.

He currently works out of the busy newspaper office in Camden serving as the Camden Herald’s illustrator and designer.

“Doing illustration on the job is kind of a perk,” he said. “Illustrators don’t have jobs! They live out in the wilderness.”

The Camden Herald profiles Maine cartoonist and illustrator Dan Kirchoff.


Scott Stantis and Ted Rall

DMZ America Episode 50 (audio)

In the first segment Ted Rall gives a brief history lesson of Taiwan and why President Joe Biden’s recent comments about the island non-state are so dangerous. Segment two has co-host Scott Stantis and Ted wondering just who is the next big thing in the Democratic party. (Hint-it’s NOT Vice President Kamala Harris). Lastly but certain not least, Ted and Scott have a HUGE announcement they want to share with you.  

Ted Rall and Scott Stantis share “a huge announcement.”
(My speakers went bad, and no transcript, so I don’t know what the announcement is.)


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  1. “Huge announcement” = they’ve signed a contract with a publishing company to work together on a graphic novel (or some such project).

  2. “American Messiah” will be a graphic novel written by Ted Rall and drawn by Scott Stantis. It will be published by NBM.
    The publisher’s deadline is early 2023 so may be out late 2023.
    Ted and Scott say it will involve religion and social media.

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