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Clay Jones On His RFK Award…and Uvalde

Clay Jones:

What are the odds that on the same day I receive a journalism award from a human rights organization, the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights organization, for a cartoon on school shootings that’s there’s another school shooting? In this country where politicians refuse to do anything to stop mass shootings and end the easy accessibility of assault rifles designed to kill as many people in the fastest way possible, pretty good. We don’t live in Belgium.

Clay Jones on his paradoxical day.

I had one of the best days of my career yesterday. After 32 years of being a professional cartoonist, I finally won my first national award. I didn’t just win any award. I won one of the big ones. And, it’s a journalism award focused on human rights, the issues closest to my heart…


My news was not the most important thing to focus on yesterday…

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#1 Christine Sharp
@ 9:50 pm

Looking for mentor or agent

#2 Gerry Sherman
@ 10:05 am

Let’s be clear. It’s not that “politicians refuse to do anything to stop mass shootings”, it’s that REPUBLICAN politicians refuse to do anything to stop mass shootings. And will continue to do so until we vote them out of power.

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