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Yet Still Even More Sunday Funnies

Garfield Shout-Out

© PAWS Inc.

Some behind-the-scenes assistants of the comic strip are offered up for sacrifice in today’s Garfield Gary Barker, Brett Koth, Dan Davis.


Heathcliff Hulk-Out

Heathcliff © Creators Syndicate; Hulk © Marvel Characters Inc.

The other orange tabby “Hulks out” in today’s Heathcliff.


The Phantom Gross-Out

© King Features Syndicate

The Sunday Phantom turns into a gag strip today.



© Baby Blues Bros. LLC

What are the chances The Phantom and Baby Blues would align?


Playing to the Demographic

© North America Syndicate

The Rex Morgan M.D. drop panel references old-timer tv.


Sunday Spring Strolling

Frazz © Jef Mallett; Rose is Rose © UFS

Spring has sprung in Frazz and Rose is Rose.


Monday Funnies

© David Reddick

Don’t forget that Legend of Bill debuts at Comics Kingdom tomorrow.


Sixties Funnies from Sixty Years Ago

From Maggie Thompson:

60 years ago
May 23, 1962 The New York Times runs an 18-panel Pogo strip as a TV Guide ad.

© Okefenokee Glee and Perloo Inc.

Matt Scullin, The Billy Ireland, and the I Go Pogo Facebook page.


Just Because

Jack Kent’s King Aroo

© Jack Kent, Jr. (?)


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#1 Denny Lien
@ 3:22 pm

GARFIELD probably should have also included the name “Monty” in there somewhere to acknowledge their probably swipe from a classic MONTY PYTHON routine:

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