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Mama’s Sunday Funnies

The Walker Bros. and Eric Reaves gives us some background in Hi and Lois.

© King Features Syndicate

(Love the opening butterfly panel.)


When the Vintage Editor and the Contemporary Editor don’t confer.

Today’s Vintage Tiger:

and today’s currently syndicated (tho still a rerun) Tiger:

Tiger © King Features Syndicate



Foxtrot © Bill Amend; Wizard of Id © John Hart Studios, Inc.

Foxtrot and Wizard of Id both feature dragons.
But can that be considered rare when Henry is a regular Wizard of Id character?


Not Synchronous.
In a happenstance of pure serendipity. 
This weekend I ran across a three day sequence of 1955 Buz Sawyer:

© King Features Syndicate

then today we get Bill Holbrook’s On The Fastrack:

© King Features Syndicate


Liniers’ Macanudo is my favorite Mother’s Day comic strip this year.

© Liniers

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