May Day Sunday Funnies

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May 1st 2022 brings Sherman’s Lagoon to Andrews McMeel Syndication(AMS) and GoComics.

Jim Toomey‘s comic strip is finishing up its 30th year so that “First Sherman’s Lagoon” heading is a bit misleading. Should be “First AMS Sherman’s Lagoon.”


With a few strips moving around of late this recent notice from Reed Brennan

raises the question of why is King Features Syndicate issuing a correction on Candorville, a Washington Post Writers Group comic strip?


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Today’s Gasoline Alley sent me to The Googles where I didn’t find that particular book, but I did find another by Lew Stern:

Jim Scancarelli: Fiddler, Banjo Player and Gasoline Alley Cartoonist was a book we missed in our monthly Hey Kids! Comics! list mostly because we hadn’t heard about it until now.

A Jim Scancarelli (Mutt and Jeff, Gasoline Alley) biography is a must buy!


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Dragons live forever, but not so little boys.

Seems Francesco Marciuliano set up Jim Keefe in Sally Forth today. Jim frequently inserted not-quite-dragons in his Flash Gordon (like the current run at Comics Kingdom) and Ces humored him with such a beast in Sally Forth.

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We are occasionally treated with the Sally Forth title panel at Jim’s Facebook page, we hope this Sunday’s will show up soon.


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beep..beep..beep Backing up to yesterday we see that Charles Boyce has a new Compu-toon instead of a “Classic” on Saturday as has been the case for the past year. Is this the new normal?



From Hamlin to Graue to The Benders to the current creative team of Sayers and Lemon I have preferred Alley Oop in The Stone Age. So naturally I am very happy that Little Oop is back where he belongs for the past few Sundays.



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  1. Jonathan – I should mention that your Little Oop title panel art is a highlight of every weekend.

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