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Lalo Alcaraz – First Latino to Win Editorial Cartooning Herblock Prize


Los Angeles-based political cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz is the first Latino to be awarded the prestigious Herblock Prize, a $15,000 award named after the late Washington Post syndicated editorial cartoonist Herb Block.

©Lalo Alcaraz

One of Alcaraz’s most popular depictions is called “Lil’ Judge López,” which he calls a tribute to Justice Sonia Sotomayor as the Supreme Court’s first Latina justice.

“I was furious at the way she was getting grilled by Republicans at her confirmation hearing, so I decided to do a positive cartoon about her showing how she will be a role model for all girls, but especially brown girls,” Alcaraz states in a description of the cartoon, adding that Sotomayor has an autographed print hanging in her SCOTUS chambers.

NBC Latino reports on the honor bestowed to Lalo Alcaraz.

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Justin Green Remembered

Justin was one of the earliest comics memoirists, best known for his 1972 Binky Brown and the Holy Virgin Mary. I met him 20 years later, when I was a few years out of college. I’d moved to Sacramento, California, in 1989 to help edit the music magazine published by Tower Records, called Pulse!, and after a few years, I started to introduce comics that I edited.

The next issue, in March 1992, Justin Green debuted the first of what would end up being a decade straight of comics in the magazine. His first piece was about when Benny Goodman met Charlie Christian. He’d proceed over the years to tell stories about everybody from Leadbelly to Elvis Presley to Buddy Holly to Mezz Mezzrow.

© Justin Green/Tower Records

I first had coffee with Adrian at a local cafe, and I had no idea he was as young as he was until we met. (He later told me he mistakenly had thought I was wearing my Slayer t-shirt ironically.) I first visited Justin, who lived with his wife, the incredible comics artist Carol Tyler, and their then young daughter, Julia, at their home. I remember walking around back, where the house was protected by a discarded Colonel Sanders statue.

Marc Weidenbaum remembers his friend Justin Green.

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Keith Knight Chronicles San Francisco

Before co-creating, writing, and executive producing Hulu’s “Woke,” Keith Knight discovered the legacy of underground cartooning in San Francisco.

Knight’s exploration of an alternative weekly market and self syndication sparked artwork with no bounds.

© Keith Knight

In 2007, Knight ultimately left San Francisco for Hollywood in hopes of writing a hit TV show with a cartoonist lead.

“Hulu was just very, very excited about it,” said Knight. “And I love the fact that they were devoted to making sure that my voice stayed in the show because so many times you hear about artists who sell their work to Hollywood, and then they have nothing to do with it.”

“I specifically chose a lot of the cartoons that I did in San Francisco, so a lot of San Francisco specific ones, but also just about my time when I was living here,” explained Knight.

WLS-TV Chicago has a segment on Keith Knight‘s return to San Francisco.

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Steve Sack Thanks Newspaper Editors, Daryl Cagle Thanks Steve Sack

I’m sorry to write that my friend and longtime CagleCartoonist, Steve Sack has retired from editorial cartooning. Here’s a note Steve wrote for our subscribing editors…

I want to sincerely thank you for printing or at least considering my work for your paper. An artist needs an audience and I am most appreciative that you could share my efforts with your readers. As much as cartoonists sometimes complain and butt heads with editors, in truth we depend on you.

© Ed Wexler

Steve drew his last cartoon for us two months ago, on February 25th. We were hoping for a quick come back from his surgery, but that was not to be.  This is a sad day, but Steve doesn’t sound sad; he seems excited about different projects. Our door is always open to Steve to return…

Steve’s actual last cartoon, or I should say, most recent cartoon, is this Tucker Carlson gem [above], in collaboration with Ed Wexler.  Steve called Ed to describe his idea which Ed drew up. I’ve invited Steve to do the same with me

Daryl Cagle on Steve Sack retiring.

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