With This Jumble I Thee Wed

As their romance grew, Bill Simmons and Jehanne Gheith found a shared obsession with the daily Jumble puzzle — a courtship built around a mutual fondness for unscrambling.

So last year, when it came time for the big question, Simmons easily struck on a proposal with his own unique brand: a handmade Jumble with a question for an answer: Will you marry me?

But then they thought a small book of Jumbles would make a nifty item for their wedding gift bag. So Simmons sent an email to the only Jumble address he could find, explaining their puzzle-themed matrimony, hoping to buy some miniature versions of puzzle books for guests.

They got an email from David Hoyt, the game inventor who has authored the Jumble for 11 years, and he had some ideas.

What if he and cartoonist Jeff Knurek developed a Jumble specifically for them, featuring Gheith unscrambling the wedding puzzle, with a romantic punch line, and published it on their wedding day?

The Raleigh News & Observer carries this puzzling love story and the special wedding gift.

The wedding date is today Saturday April 23, 2022.
Check out the Jumble in your paper today. Or below.