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Or in this first one a currently in progress event.

There’s no mistaking artwork created by Chad Maupin. Colorful, vibrant and dynamic, his designs — which often incorporate his love of vintage comic books and classic horror movies — leap off the page and assault your senses in the most delightful of ways. Maupin has run his own design studio, Big-Bot Design, for over a decade now and specializes in “seamlessly integrating skilled illustration with versatile graphic design.”

Arkansas Online interviewed Chad Maupin, the co-founder of “the funky and unique craft collective CattyWampus Co-Op” whose Spring Bizarre is taking place today.

What’s your favorite part of the creative process?

I love being in touch with my intuition and creative subconscious. I’ve had a lot of ideas and concepts that came from simply drawing and writing without an agenda and letting my mind speak to me. It feels magical.


Also happening today is Comics in Color Festival which was mentioned here earlier this month.

Boston cartoonist Cagen Luse certainly didn’t waste any time languishing during the coronavirus pandemic.

He did a lot of drawing, of course — his LunchTime Comix strip in Dig Boston, re-dubbed “The New Normal” during COVID-19, was one of the best local takes on life during the pandemic. But he also managed, with fellow artist ??Barrington Edwards, to launch the first Comics in Color fest in Roxbury, marking the debut of the only comics event in Boston focusing on stories by and about people of color.

This year, the event — scheduled for April 23 at the Reggie Lewis Center — will take a leap forward from last year’s hybrid event by being fully in person. and cartoonist Cagen  engage in a little Q&A prior to the festival.

Why do you think it’s important to have an event that focuses on cartoonists of color and their stories in particular?

I think that artists of color are underrepresented in the community. I recently went to a con and it was a wonderful one out in Boxborough … and it was great and they were very welcoming. But as I walked around it just cemented to me the reason why we need an event like this. There was not very much representation of people of color out there, and it’s not their fault, it just is what it is…


Jeff Koterba: Cartoon & Paintings

COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa. (KMTV) — About 100 pandemic-themed comics by Omaha cartoonist Jeff Koterba are on display at Pottawattamie Arts, Culture & Entertainment (PACE) in Council Bluffs.

Koterba says this is likely the first exhibit in the world made entirely of COVID cartoons.

Veering away from a traditional gallery set-up the exhibit is organized in the shape of a maze.

KMTV (Tulsa, OK) informs us of an ongoing Jeff Koterba exhibit.

“Some of my early cartoons show people that aren’t wearing masks and maybe aren’t even being socially distant, and they’re, you know, scrounging for toilet paper at the grocery store. And it’s so funny that in these two years our memories are all clouded because everything’s been so weird. So, a lot of people have said it’s been kind of a good timeline, a good reminder of where we were,” said Koterba.


“Pen with a Punch: Political Cartoons by Jerry Doyle and Signe Wilkinson.”

Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist Signe Wilkinson joins Penn State University Libraries’ Eberly Family Special Collections Library digital exhibition curators for a Zoom conversation April 26. They will discuss “Pen with a Punch: Political Cartoons by Jerry Doyle and Signe Wilkinson.”

Penn State hosts Signe Wilkinson this coming Tuesday.

During the event, curators will offer a brief overview of the exhibition, followed by a discussion with Wilkinson about her groundbreaking career as a female editorial cartoonist, Jerry Doyle’s legacy, and the current state of editorial cartooning within the changing landscape of modern journalism.

The virtual conversation will take place from noon to 1 p.m. on Tuesday, April 26, via Zoom. Registration is required.


Cartoonist Kayfabe presents The Portfolio of Underground Art

Crumb, Robt. Williams, Spain, Rory Hayes, Griffin, Wilson, Irons