Funny Books and Funny Pages Synchronicity

Comic strips yesterday and today seems to have jumped the gun on National Cartoonists Day.

Superheroes were the theme for today’s comics.

Rex Morgan, M.D. has recently started a story about a costumed vigilante, but today
Terry Beatty took it a step further showing a trio of self-appointed cos-playing do-gooders.

© North American Syndicate

Tom Batiuk and Chuck Ayers show actual superhero comic books in Funky Winkerbean.

© Batom, Inc.

Liniers shows faux film superheroes in Macanudo.

© Liniers

Vic Lee showcases a superhero from another planet in Pardon My Planet.

© Vic Lee

At Mt. Pleasant Rick McKee and Kent Sligh have Ella investigating how to become a superhero.

© Rick McKee & Kent Sligh

As shown in Cul de Sac by Richard Thompson even the reruns feature comic books today.

© Richard Thompson

And Wayno, in Dan Piraro‘s Bizarro, has some Thing in the panel.

© Bizarro Studios

Don Wimmer previewed today’s comic book theme with yesterday’s Rose is Rose.

© UFS Inc.

As did Brian Basset with Red and Rover
(though, as today shows, that is a normal part of Red’s life and comic strip).

© Brian Basset


Back to Bizarro but turning the clock back to yesterday when comic strips were the theme.

Wertham was right!

© Bizarro Studios

Yesterday Robb Armstrong has Klondike Ike cartoonist Vic Van Streck mentioned in JumpStart.

© Ruff Sketch, Inc.

John Rose has Loweezy voice an excellent idea in Barney Google and Snuffy Smith.

© King Features Syndicate

Jim Scancarelli is guest starring Dick Tracy in Gasoline Alley this week,
but yesterday the detective is referenced as a comic strip character (as I see it).

© Tribune Content Agency

The comic strip in comic strip inclination continued today with

Adam @ Home by Rob Harrell

© Andrews McMeel

and Ziggy by Tom Wilson,

© Ziggy and Friends, Inc.

whlile Steenz joins Wilson in the meta-verse with her Heart of the City.

© Andrews McMeel

Just seemed an inordinate amount of Funnies in the Funny Pages over the last two days.