Stripper’s Guide Moves to Comic Strip History

Comic strip historian Allan Holtz is moving his Stripper’s Guide blog to Comic Strip History website.

Hello, fellow strippers. After a decade and a half hosting this blog here on Google’s Blogger interface I have decided that it is time we graduate to adulthood, taking the training wheels off. I have been working with a web developer to move the blog to a new website:


Allan explains why here and asks for your help in the moving.
No, no; no heavy lifting. Allan wants you to road test the site:

I have done the basic testing of the website. But you guys use other operating systems, other browsers, and I very much need you to visit the site and let us know if there are any problems. Most of all, we need testers to try the website on their smartphones. I don’t do smartphone (yes, I’m officially a Neanderthal) so I need to know if there are any problems when using the website on that ubiquitous device. Even if you DON’T find any problems, it would be great to hear about the device type, OS and browser you used.

Beyond basic testing, I want to hear your suggestions for the website before we go live. Are there features missing that you’d like to see? Anything about the interface that you think ought to be tweaked? 

So go help Allan transition. (It’s okay he doesn’t live in Florida anymore.)


"All Hail" © Jim Ivey

There is one particularly great note amongst the transition news:

The big new feature, though, is that I want to transform my book,
American Newspaper Comics – An Encyclopedic Reference Guide,
into a web-based reference.

Though he tampers our joy with a bit of reality:

This is a big job, so don’t expect it to show up immediately, but we’re going to start work on it as soon as the website is otherwise stable and working properly. 

But that THE comic strip reference will be available on the world wide web is amazing news!

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