Comic Strip Easter Eggs and other stuff

“An Easter Egg is a term used to describe a hidden detail …”

Today’s Sally Forth has an obvious homage to The Killing Joke comic book.

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But as Francesco Marciuliano points out Jim Keefe goes far beyond that one panel.


Terry Beatty hid an easter egg in last Sunday’s Rex Morgan, M.D.
and then carried it into the next few dailies.

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This time it’s personal.


Not really an Easter Egg. It took a couple months for me to notice that
Mike Morgan changed the dating system of his For Heaven’s Sake.

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The change happened in February:

as compared to 


Since we touched on it above …
I thought there were a couple well done religious comics today.

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Easter bonnets off to Mike Lester and Brian Basset

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Earlier this year, like For Heaven’s Sake, there was a change to the Liberty Meadows page.

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In January Creators Syndicate went Sunday only with the Liberty Meadows reruns.
Since they are reruns if they reached the end of the daily run, why not start over?

Also about Sunday reruns…

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Comics Kingdom ended the Johnny Hazard reprints mid-adventure, then deleted the archives.
More upsetting is I can’t find Johnny Hazard Sundays online to finish the story.


Still about reruns…

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For some reason The Pickens County Courier comics page showed up in the queue so I clicked on it and it showed that they carried the King Features Weekly Service features. That’s fine. But why is Tiger there? Tiger is not listed as part of the KFWS offerings.


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  1. I do wonder at Comics Kingdom running down their service. I can’t imagine licencing is an insoluble issue for a strip that ended forty years ago.

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