1926 Newspaper Convention Comic Supplement

The American Newspaper Publishers Association Convention in 1926 was naturally covered by Editor & Publisher. E&P previewed it in their April 17, 1926 edition. Included with that issue was a comic supplement which featured original comic strips by a number of syndicated cartoonists all concerning publishers, editors, and the convention.

It is proper that it was a Color Comic Supplement.

The Daily Cartoonist presents the pages from the Editor & Publisher archives which reproduced them in black and white. We will also present the Google Books version which has the color version. Note that both reproduced from bound volumes so they are not scanned from flat pages.


Freckles and His Friends by Merrill Blosser
Mr. Straphanger by Burt Thomas
Gasoline Alley by Frank King


Andy Gump is Coming for the Fun of the Thing by Sidney Smith
Vignettes of Life by Frank Godwin
Over The Hills by J. R. Williams


A Yearly Occurrence at The Waldorf by Rube Goldberg
Hairbreadth Harry, The Cub Reporter by C. W. Kahles
Moon Mullins by Frank Willard


Mutt and Jeff Show a Publish the Town by Bud Fisher
The Boy Friend by Marjorie Henderson (“Marge”)
Little Orphan Annie by Harold Gray


And They Lived Happily Ever After by Winsor McCay
The Smile by H. T. Webster
$alesman $am by Swan (George Swanson)


Just a Little Newspaper Kid by Gene Carr
Winnie Winkle by Martin Branner
Cicero Sapp by Fred Locher


Ain’t It a Grand and Glorious Feeling? by Clare Briggs
The Captain and The Kids by Rudolph Dirks
Such A Businees by H. J. Tuthill
Miss Information at the Convention by Hy Gage