A Little Song, A Little Dance…

A Saul Steinberg drawing from 1967 graces the cover of the new New Yorker.

interviews Ian Frazier, friend of Saul and executor of his legacy.

…we all see him as a major twentieth-century artist and much funnier than most of the Abstract Expressionist painters he hung out with. But, because he drew rather than painted and because he didn’t fall into a clear category…

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King Features Comics Editor Tea teases us with this:


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Haiden Sayne, for Comic Book Resources, lists The 10 Best Comic Strips of All Time.
The list does not include Krazy Kat, Prince Valiant, Pogo, Wash Tubbs and Captain Easy, Barnaby, Mickey Mouse, The Far Side, Thimble Theatre, Doonesbury, or Terry and The Pirates.
It does include The Amazing Spider-Man comic strip!
And a couple others that should fall on their knees and cry “We’re not worthy.”


On the subject of Terry and The Pirates – I find it unbelievable that, with two days left, the original art of two strips from the first week of Milton Caniff’s magnum opus has only reached bids of $2100.

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Bored Panda features Tom Gauld cartoons and interviews the cartoonist.

The artist admitted that the hardest part of the creative process for him is coming up with ideas. “There’s some little spark that has to go off in my brain and, unfortunately, I don’t know how to make it happen. I can encourage it, but there’s no guarantee it’ll come. So sometimes I sit doodling for hours and hours and nothing comes, so at the end of the day I just have to hope the next day will be better. Conversely, sometimes the spark comes without any effort, and that’s a lovely feeling.


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Elsewhere The Wichita Eagle talks with Grant Snider about his comics and new book.

The book documents Snider’s attempts to stay present despite the challenges of a busy life — he’s both a working orthodontist and a married father of five — and the persistent distraction of technology. “Mindfulness has different connotations, for different people” Snider says, “but one definition I like is, ‘paying attention on purpose.’ My spin on that is ‘being intentional about intention.’


Denton welcomes the return of family.

Today, the Denton Record-Chronicle is unveiling a new, streamlined look to its e-Edition aimed at making readability much easier, while bringing greater visibility to the exclusive local content found only on our website.

But perhaps most exciting for our readers, with today’s e-Edition we also are bringing back two features you have been asking for — the return of a seven-day Opinion page and the return of the Baby Blues comic strip, both daily and on the weekend.

And we listened to all of your feedback pleading for the return of the Baby Blues comic, which had halted when it moved from one syndicated service to another. Beginning today, you again will be able to find this popular comic strip atop our comics page on weekdays and weekends.

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