Australian Cartoonists’ 2021 Stanley Awards

The Australian Cartoonists Association held their Stanley Awards brunch in February
where finalists and winners were announced for various categories.

Book Illustrator 2021

Judy Nadin won both Book and Caricature awards.

Caricaturist 2021

Awarded to Judy Nadin
Finalists… Terry Dunnett
  Paul Harvey
  Steve Panozzo



Comic Book Artist 2021



Comic Strip Cartoonist 2021

Awarded to Tony Lopes
Finalists… Jason Chatfield
  Gary Clark
  Ian Jones
  Al Rose


Editorial/Political Cartoonist 2021

Awarded to Mark Knight
Finalists… Peter Broelman
  David Pope
  David Rowe
  Cathy Wilcox


Event Cartoonist 2021


Illustrator 2021


Single Gag Cartoonist 2021


Jim Russell Award 2021

Kaz Cooke


Cartoonist of the Year 2021

Awarded to Cathy Wilcox
Finalists… Paul Harvey
  Mark Knight
  Judy Nadin
  David Pope
  David Rowe


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