Swiss Family Robinson Adapted by George Storm

In 1926 cartoonist George Storm adapted Johann Wyss’ The Swiss Family Robinson
into a comic strip serial for the McClure Syndicate. The closed-end strip ran daily
from October 18, 1926 to March 18, 1927 in most newspapers that carried it.

Ron Goulart excerpts from Nemo, the Classic comics Library #4:


While looking for something or other I stumbled upon The Grand Island Daily Independent
which ran the series from March to July 1927 more or less weekly as a full page,
printing six strips per page for 22 pages until all 132 strips were published.


Pages were in amazingly good shape for a small town microfilm source,
so I posted the 22 pages/132 strips on the Classic Comic Strips Facebook page.

Now comics and George Storm fan Rob Stolzer has collected those pages into a very nice collection
in a Portable Document Format (pdf) making them accessible for a wider audience to enjoy.

So here is Johann Wyss’ The Swiss Family Robinson adapted by George Storm (1926/27).