John Kovalic – Cartooning For Ukraine

Cartoonist John Kovalic is best known for Dork Tower and Apples to Apples.

Recently John cartooned a Ukraine related drawing in support of that country.

[W]hen Russia invaded Ukraine last month, Kovalic said he felt the need to do something to help. 

“Saturday night after the invasion, I was just sitting here at the desk and came up with this [drawing],” Kovalic said. “And I just took a picture of it and sent it out to Twitter, and people started saying, ‘I want to buy that, you know, will you auction that off?'”

The sketch depicts the cartoon character Paddington staring down a much larger, angrier Russian bear. Kovalic said the inspiration came when he found out Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelenskyy voiced the character in Ukraine.

WKOW has a segment with John and a transcript.

The original art is being auctioned and posters and postcards are being sold
with the proceeds going to help Ukranian refugees.

Ukraine: A Very Hard Stare, drawn by John Kovalic with color assist by Lar DeSouza. All profits from sales of this print will be donated to World Central Kitchen, in support of their efforts on the Ukrainian border to feed refugees.


Other comics related projects for Ukraine are in the offing.

Heidi MacDonald, for The Beat , reports on a couple

Adopt a Ukraine Publisher and KidLit for Ukraine.