Crabgrass Newspaper Launch Rescheduled

Due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control the syndicated newspaper debut of Crabgrass
by Tauhid Bondia, originally scheduled for March 28, 2022, will be delayed three months.

From Tauhid:

So there’s been update on the Crabgrass newspaper launch, folks. Long story short: It’s been pushed back to June 27. Long story long: This comes after a lots of debate and considerable effort on behalf of Andrews McMeel to prevent it from happening. But, it turns out trying to launch a comic is newspapers during a pandemic (and the potential start of World War III) is more difficult than anyone anticipated! The world is different than it was just a few years ago and an already shrinking newspaper industry has become more difficult than ever for new comic features to penetrate. I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t a feeling of being the Last Guy Through The Door, but the folks at Andrews McMeel still believe deeply in Crabgrass. They are determined to give the strip the launch it deserves and that unfortunately means pushing the launch date so they can pull a few tricks out of their considerable bag.

Read Tauhid’s full message here.

Above are two first strips –
the top strip will be the first comic strip reworked for newspapers,
the bottom strip is the original Crabgrass debut strip from 2019.

Tauhid on the two strips shown here:

So when you get syndicated there’s a thing called a sales kit that you have to put together. It’s basically six weeks of strips that every paper runs when they pick up your comic. When you pick these comics it’s a good idea do redo any that come from early in the run so the art matches with the current style. It’s also a chance to punch up the writing a little bit. Above is the very first Crabgrass strip redone for syndication. You can see the difference in art style here more than any other strip.

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© Tauhid Bondia