Gee, Webtoon, What Are We Going To Do Tonight? The Same Thing We Do Every Night, Linky …

WEBTOON continues its plan to take over the digital comics world.


From Business Wire:

WEBTOON will establish a new European corporation, expanding its presence in the region and solidifying its position as #1 in the European digital comics market and world’s largest digital comics platform. The new WEBTOON European corporation will be based in France.?

WEBTOON has built a global ecosystem for digital comics, helping local European comic creators reach a new generation of fans around the world. WEBTOON first entered the European market in 2019, establishing French and Spanish WEBTOON services, followed by a German service in 2021. The new WEBTOON corporation will add to the company’s international business hubs in key markets, including its headquarters in North America, and offices in Korea and Japan.

From The Korea Herald:

Launched in 2019, Naver Webtoon is ranked first in both sales and the number of monthly active users among the local webtoon apps serviced by Google Play and the Apple App Store in France. Naver’s German service started off last year and has taken first place in sales and the number of subscriptions.

Though refraining to disclose the number of monthly active users in France and Germany, a Naver official said the number is “growing.”

The number of users has already reached 14 million in the US and 13 million in South East Asian countries, she added.

Naver Webtoon has a total of 82 million monthly active users around the world as of January.