Sketching the Disneyverse

Disney Sketchbook

Disney+’s new six-part original Series Sketchbook will give “an insider’s look into the animation process” as studio artists teach viewers how to draw Disney characters like Kuzco (Emperor’s New Groove), Olaf (Frozen), Genie (Aladdin), Captain Hook (Peter Pan), Mirabel (Encanto), and Simba (The Lion King).

Disney describes it as “an intimate instructional documentary series,” with each episode focusing on a single artist illustrating a character that either they helped create or inspired them to want to be an artist at Disney. The series will also explore the lives of each artist and how they made their way to the studio.

The series is produced by Supper Club (Netflix’s Chef’s Table, Ava DuVernay’s 13th) in partnership with Walt Disney Animation Studios. It launches April 27.

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In an alternate Disney Universe … Disney Reimagined

Andhika Muksin is fascinated with Disney. He has been photoshopping Pocahontas, Ariel, and other famous characters into celebrity photos for quite some time, but now he decided to switch things up. Instead of “inserting” the Disney princesses into reality, he brought reality into their lives. Bear with me. Muksin has stripped away the glam surrounding our beloved gals and replaced it with pizzas, unInstagrammable selfies, and other fundamental everyday problems


Bored Panda from a couple of years ago.


Not Your Mother’s Cinderella

Still at Bored Panda – there’s an issue with Blu-Ray versions. 

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The original versions of movies are usually the best ones: they shouldn’t have been meddled with just because our TVs keep getting bigger, wider, and fancier. That’s what some people think, especially when it comes to Disney classics.

The sad reality is that some restorations and remakes of old animated movies completely ruin the atmosphere, details, and ‘spirit’ of the originals. Take for instance one of Disney’s animation classics—’Cinderella.’ Many fans agree that the original on tape is far superior to the modern Blu-ray movie edition.

Where are her arms, where is the detail in her gown?

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