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Wes Rowell Editorial Cartoonist – A Formal Intro

The Durango (Colorado) Herald introduces ed-op cartoonist Wes Rowell to their readers:

We figured it was about time to formally introduce The Durango Herald and The Journal cartoonist Wes Rowell, who has been illustrating cartoons with us since October. He’s worked at Ballantine Communications [owner of the newspapers] as an illustrator and graphic designer since June. Wes has been an illustrator since he was a child, and like anyone who loves his illustrator job, draws in his free time, too. He’s also a graphic designer, art director, marketing director, small-business owner, husband and father, and identifies as a dog lover.

Wes has created illustrations for editorial, informational, advertising, packaging and retail applications. He’s created images in many fields, including technology, oil and gas, collegiate sports, real estate and education, to name a few. Wes’ cartoon range is wide, commenting on topics that are hyperlocal to global.

“I observe, comment, make it funny,” he said. Another criterion is to “be authentic,” he said.

Wes said he started calling himself a cartoonist when he learned “there are Pulitzer Prizes for cartoons but not editorial illustrations,” he said.

We hope you enjoy Wes’ insight, sense of humor and bold images as much as we do.

More Wes art at the Wes Rowell website and at dribble.

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