Mustering of Cartoon and Comic Announcements

After mentioning The Reubens and CXC lets talk MoCCA.

The Society is thrilled to welcome you back to the 2022 MoCCA Arts Festival!

Please join us in celebrating a selection of top comic, cartoon and illustration artists from around the world! Featuring work by over 500 creators the weekend will also include live lectures, panels, and artists signings!

The Society of Illustrators welcome. More details at the MoCCA Arts Festival page.




Batman comic book and comic strip artist Joe Giella discusses his run on the character
at The Sports Page Weekly (go to page 6).




Alison Bechdel will make an appearance in Buffalo on March 16.


The Buffalo News interviews Alison.

Question: What do comics and graphic novels do that traditional books can’t?

Answer: For me there’s just something about economy of communication, although that’s misleading, too, because sometimes words take up a lot less space, not withstanding the “pictures are worth a thousand words” thing.

I just feel that showing stuff in addition to being able to tell it is a really powerful tool. There is a richness when you fuse symbolic language and the immediacy of the pictures, which doesn’t have to be translated in your brain the way words do. reveals the obscene Easter Egg in a Garfield movie.

Wh … why is Jon Arbuckle quoting Samuel L. Jackson’s “I’m a mushroom cloud-laying mother #@%&er, mother #@%&er” speech from Pulp Fiction in an official Garfield strip? Because that’s not an official strip, and that isn’t even the most shocking panel here: that would be the ones in which a sexually frustrated Jon threatens to sodomize Garfield if he doesn’t help him pick a tie for his date.



Baseball 2022 is back on, so let’s check in at the Baseball Hall of Fame
in Cooperstown where comic art by Daniel Horine is on display.

A Ventura artist recently landed his work in the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown, New York.

Daniel Horine, 43, creates prints in the style of old comic book covers. The faux-covers feature well-known baseball players spanning decades of the sport.

Eight enlarged copies of Horine’s prints are currently displayed at the “Whole New Ballgame” exhibit in the 50,000-square-foot museum. The nine original prints Horine donated are being preserved in the museum’s library archives.

The Ventura County Star carries the story of local artist in the Hall of Fame.