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Washashores by John Andert – Silver Anniversary

Not many local comic strips last 25 years, but Washashores by John Andert did – and does.

The Provincetown Banner celebrates the accomplishment:

In the Provincetown Banner issue of Thursday, March, 6, 1997— 25 years ago…

Near the back, on page 21, was a new “Washashores” cartoon by John Andert.

Then-Banner editor Hamilton Kahn had an idea in 1997, he said in a recent email:

“A couple of years after the Banner’s [re]birth, I approached John (who was working in our production dept … we had one then) about doing a cartoon feature for us. And since he was already doing a one-panel cartoon for Provincetown Magazine, I suggested a comic strip. Not only did he embrace the idea — he came up with memorable characters and relevant content that didn’t shy away from controversy (or even making fun of me at least once or twice) and that always was big-hearted and funny. As a body of work, it is remarkable and deserves being preserved in book form … I also consider John and his talented playwright husband, Sinan Ünel, to be very good friends of mine.”


The Washashores comic strip from the March 3, 2022 edition:


In their 166 year history of The Provincetown Banner a full paragraph was devoted to Washashores.


Congratulations to John! And a hat tip to The Provincetown Banner for their part.

© John Andert



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