The Legend of Jim Borgman, Sports Cartoonist

Back in the day, before the Zits era, there was a time when Jim Borgman was the editorial cartoonist for the Cincinnati Enquirer. Being the All-American boy he was, and still is, his cartoon ideas occasionally found themselves more appropriate to the sports page than the opinion page.

With the Bengals playing in tomorrow’s AFC Championship game tomorrow
The Enquirer caught up with Jim to talk about his football sports cartoons.

Former Enquirer editorial cartoonist Jim Borgman’s “Next” cartoon, which became a symbol of the Bengals’ 1988-1989 run to the Super Bowl, is that image, and it has returned online as the current team seeks another crack at championship glory. 

The Enquirer presents a gallery of Jim’s cartoons about the Bengal’s glory, and not so glorious, days.