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GoComics Interviews Baby Blues’ Scott & Kirkman

There’s a new face in the GoComics family—five new faces, in fact! Last week, we welcomed fan-favorite Baby Blues to the site, who brought with it all growing pains of the MacPherson family—Darryl, Wanda, Zoe, Hammie, and Wren.

The GoComics Blog put up an interview with Baby Blues creators Jerry Scott and Rick Kirkman.

How do the two of you collaborate?

JS: Basically, I write and Rick draws. I send him a script of sorts, and he draws the strips in rough form for me to see. Once we both agree on the dialogue and drawings, Rick draws the finished strips on an electronic pad.

RK: Yep.

Are there stories or characters that have resonated with fans in ways that surprised you?

JS: It seems like Hammie gets the most attention these days, but all of the characters have been embraced by our readers. If one of them gets hurt or has an especially difficult conundrum to face, it’s surprising (and gratifying) to me to see the outpouring and concern expressed.

Other than cartooning, what profession(s) would you both like to try?

JS: I’m an oil painter when I’m not writing comic strips, and I love the creative part of that. I like to paint large canvases, probably as an antidote to the tiny graphic world of comic strips.

RK: It is an odd thing that the writer, in his spare time, paints—and I, the illustrator, writes novels in my free time with the hope of being published.

Read the full interview at the GoComics Blog.

Baby Blues begins Andrews McMeel Syndication to newspapers January 31, 2022.


disclosure: The Daily Cartoonist, like GoComics, is part of the Andrews McMeel family.

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