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Sunday Funnies – Some That Mike Didn’t Mention

Wishing Jenny Campbell blue skies.

© Jenny Campbell

Was aware of the Christmas Covid problems Jenny had,
but nothing of today’s Flo & Friends topic (if it means what I think).


What could make an All-American Family turn on Stephan Pastis?

© Stephan Pastis (or maybe Bil Keane Inc?)

Read the disgusting Pearls Before Swine before we throw it on the burn pile.


To quote Ignatz:

I actually enjoy the Brigman-era Mary Worth, because Brigman and Moy obviously know it’s ridiculous, play it for all its worth and sometimes make me laugh out loud.

© North America Syndicate

The proof is in the pudding … and today’s Mary Worth.


An atypical Mike Manley Sunday strip.

© North America Syndicate

The barren background in today’s Judge Parker seems odd.


Started the weekend with a British Invasion.


© Rasmussen & Delainey; MGN Ltd; Mediagraphics Inc

Betty, Andy Capp, Crankshaft, and Betty again.


A rare appearance by Shrimp & Grits supporting character Sweet Pea.

Though I thought it was Sweet P.

© Creators


So I’m watching Ancient Aliens yesterday or the day before (Hey! I don’t have to explain my viewing habits!) when they start with those monoliths from a couple Decembers ago as a lead in to those and all other monoliths throughout history being proof of extraterrestrial visitations. Now these are new shows treating the debunked pillars as honest-to-gosh mysteries.

That brings us to today’s Gil and “Basic Cable.”

© Norman Feuti

Community Comments

#1 Rich Furman
@ 1:35 pm

Manley has put every bit as much effort into that background as Marciuliano has put into the dialog. But that’s OK, a glance at weekday Phantom shows that Manley’s prodigious skills are being put to good use somewhere

@ 6:03 pm

What does Andy Capp’s singing of Lola have to do with the Beatles? The only version I know is by the Kinks. Or am I missing the point somewhere?

#3 D. D. Degg
@ 11:03 pm

Andrea – “with a British Invasion.” As with that sixties
phenomena so The Beatles dominate the above samples.

@ 10:40 am

I guess my quibble would be with the artist – can anyone imagine Andy Capp singing a song about a transgendered/cross-dressing person? More likely beat him/her/them up. Unless he’s never listened to more of the song than the refrain.

#5 Tara Gallagher
@ 2:09 pm

Wonder if Delainey and Rassmussen had a fallback “Betty” available in case a quick pull was needed for that last strip.

#6 Denny Lien
@ 5:04 pm

“Unless he’s never listened to more of the song than the refrain.”

Well, I was vaguely aware of the song for many years without actually groking anything except the refrain, and I’m not even (usually) as drunk as Andy is (usually), so I guess it’s possible.

(Of course I sort of listened to it, in the sense that it played on the radio or whatever, but as far as I remember I didn’t pay much attention to it.)

@ 9:24 pm

Well, I’m not the world’s most masculine man
But I know what I am and I’m glad I’m a man
And so is Lola

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