Newspaper Syndicated Crabgrass Debuts March 28

Crabgrass by Tauhid Bondia will debut in newspapers on March 28, June 27, 2022.

The Elizabethtown (Ky) News-Enterprise, in a front page above the fold story, revealed the date.

Elizabethtown native Tauhid Bondia soon will be making readers across the country chuckle.

His daily humor comic, Crabgrass, about two best friends named Kevin and Myles, is being nationally distributed. There’s a cast of family and extended family members, but it is mainly about the two children and their adventures at school, home and more.

“It’s kind of loosely based on my own childhood,” Bondia said, who drew initially on his own experiences growing up in Elizabethtown with a good friend.

Bondia said he and his wife came up with the premise, he wrote four or five weeks’ worth of strips in a weekend and then sent them to [Shena] Wolf, telling her he was developing a strip, hopefully, for syndication.

“She immediately emailed me back and said she liked it and asked for more strips to get a better idea about the world of Crabgrass. I wrote the extra strips and she offered me a print deal. It kind of changed my life,” he said.

Bondia said the comic strip officially launches March 28.

Read the interview with Tauhid here.

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