Groo-some Guests and More Monday Funnies

Looks as if today’s Luann has a Groo-some guest star.

(Check out the doodle on the napkin.)


One of the suspects in the current Dick Tracy Minit Mystery is definitely Not Gomez Addams.


In Mary Worth we find that Wilbur Lives!

He has washed up “on the shore of this uncharted desert isle.”
(Certainly alive, Karen and June showing a dead body would be gruesome.)


The Dead Cartoonists Society.
Hmmm. Is this a guest shot of Batton Lash in Funky Winkerbean?


Okay, enough of that.


Certainly not as crowded but Cowtown put me in mind of
those old Dudley Fisher and Graham Hunter pages.


Zippy wallpaper.


Don’t usually put reruns here but wanted to leave on a Super-Fun note.