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Clay Jones Buries His Anti-Vax Colleagues

Comics DC makes us aware that:

In his cartoon from yesterday “Urine Trouble,” Clay planted a bunch of conservative cartoonists, many of whom are anti-vaxxers or covid denyers, under a bunch of tombstones.  I see Scott “Dilbert” Adams, Henry Payne, Al Goodwyn, Mike Lester, Branco, Chip Bok, Glenn McCoy, Gary McCoy, Tom Stiglich, Rivers, Lisa Benson, David Hitch, Dick Wright, Bob Gorrell, Steve Kelley, Gary Varvel, Dana Summers, and of course, Ben Garrison. Christopher Key is not a cartoonist, but a nut who screams at people about being the vaccine police, and is the focus of Jones’ blog post.

While Clay Jones didn’t mention it in his column accompanying the cartoon,

Mike Rhode notes Clay’s remarks about it:

When asked for a comment, Clay addressed his technique, “The reason I made the lettering on the headstones faint is that I didn’t want to make it the focus of the cartoon. It’s supposed to be more like Easter eggs … I only aimed at anti-vaxxers or those who have politicized the pandemic. I excluded conservatives like Scott Stantis, Michael Ramirez, and Rick McKee because I’ve seen them promote the vaccines and ridicule the lunatics.”


Community Comments

@ 4:29 pm

I’m so glad you brought this cartoon to my attention – again. I was so busy reading his blog, I never realized that the tombstones had names of real persons on them!

#2 Mike Lester
@ 10:44 am


1. How would he know my vax status? He doesn’t. 2. “Buries”? You misspelled “genuflect” 3. I’m flattered. 4. My cartoons on the subject have been about “freedom” -period. 5. Mr. Jones has never heard of “HIPAA”.

#3 Clay Jones
@ 10:21 am

I have heard of HIPAA but I’m not sure you know what it means as it doesn’t apply here. Can’t you just play the white conservative male persecuted victim card here without making stuff up?

Do your “freedom” cartoons include the ones where you support white nationalist terrorists trying to overturn an election?

Finally, I’m glad you’re flattered but you don’t have to be so humble. You truly deserve the headstone.

#4 Tori Kuipers
@ 2:42 pm

Wow, this cartoon says it all. Kudos to Clay Jones for delivering this clever and original message so honestly and humorously (I was rolling on the floor with laughter). To me the unvaccinated are 100% bad and Pfizer is 100% good. The government is 100% good and anyone who doesn’t comply is 100% bad and I don’t want to say they deserve death but… well the country would be a lot better off without them!

@ 9:54 am

@Tori Kuipers: The only issue I have with the ‘if they don’t vax, let em die’ philosophy is all the innocents – those of us who are trying our darnedest to stay safe for ourselves and others – are also dying, or at least getting ill.

At my dr.’s medical clinic today, I had words with the receptionist who wore a mask – under her chin. I told her it’d work a lot better if it actually covered her nose and mouth. She looked at me, said, ‘Yeah’, and went back to what she was doing. Mind you, she is the FIRST person I dealt with at the clinic. I told her this was ridiculous, went back to my car and waited to be called for my appointment. People here in Florida don’t take this seriously, as can be seen by our appalling numbers.

My hairdressers refused to get vaxx’d, so I canceled all my appointments with her. At my vet clinic, once they opened the lobby after over a year of curbside service only, vets and techs are out with Covid. My dogs will be going in Thursday for surgery, curbside only.

We try and try, but there are too many others who are trying THEIR best to make us sick and die.

@ 10:06 am

EXACTLY as stated here . . .

#7 Tori Kuipers
@ 12:38 pm

Totally agree Andrea. You should report that receptionist and hairdresser for attempted murder! These people make me sick. If Pfizer makes a medical product we should all be comfortable taking it, even if they did get liability immunity from the government. I don’t care what anyone’s lame excuse is! I’m 77 and I love getting my hair done, going out for dinner, ice cream, generally enjoying my retirement. If these 25 and 30 year olds refuse to take the vax they should go out of business–if they even stay alive to run a business! They’re endangering my life! I’m sick of people (like the “CDC”, whoever they are) saying that the vax doesn’t even reduce “transmission”. That just means we need more booster mandates even sooner!

@ 1:00 pm

I did mention the receptionist and her attitude to my dr. and she will take care of it. The hairdresser? To whom does one report that? The owner of the salon herself doesn’t wear a mask, and they are optional for everyone, staff and clients. All i can do is take away my patronage thereof, and explain my reasons why.

#9 Tori Kuipers
@ 6:11 pm

Unfortunately the US is considered lawless and noncompliant with international norms on these matters, especially Florida. Your best bet is to report it to the UN High Commissioner of Human Rights because the UN human rights commission is building cases against culprits globally who are violating others’ human rights by wilfully refusing to be double-vaxxed. and give as much detailed info as you can.

Good luck!

@ 7:38 am

“. . . the UN human rights commission is building cases against culprits globally who are violating others’ human rights by wilfully refusing to be double-vaxxed.”

I’m still waiting for drumpf and his sycophants to be called before a ‘human rights commission’ for the murder-by-neglect of 800,000 Americans.

#11 Martin Lee
@ 5:46 am

Thanks, Andrea, for sharing the link to the comic. ??

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