Cagle Cartoons Best Sellers of 2021

Here are our ten most popular cartoons of year, 2021. Jeff Koterba was swinging for home runs this year, winning SIX of the Top Ten spots, along with ELEVEN of the Top Twenty.  This was a fantastic year for Jeff!

Daryl Cagle also refers to them as the “most reprinted cartoon[s],”
all of which I interpret to be the best sellers from the syndicate.

© Jeff Koterba

The top ten CagleCartoons used by newspaper editors in 2021 is here.

We syndicate 62 of the best editorial cartoonists in the world, so this is quite an achievement for Jeff, Dave, Dave and John! Congratulations, gentlemen!

Just about half of America’s daily, paid circulation newspapers (around 700 papers) subscribe to

Last year Daryl explained that newspaper editors are, on the whole, timid creatures who do what they can to avoid strong opinionated cartoons which would lead to confrontational letters of comment. So the best selling cartoons are those everyone can agree with (who’s against taking billionaires down a peg?).

That said, it is great to see Jeff and the others making a good living
after being booted off their staff positions.

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  1. I REALLY had to laff at the #10 cartoon – Mom finishing her Christmas cards before decorating for Halloween. All our cards were mailed on 31 October, not least because several were sent to Australia, Great Britain and Canada.

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