AAEC President: Jen Steps Down, Kevin Steps Up

Jen Sorensen has announced that she is turning over the leadership role of
the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists to Kevin Necessary who
has accepted the responsibility of taking on the presidency of the organization.


Jen informed the members:

I wanted to let you know about a decision I have reached after much consideration: I will be stepping down as President at the end of this year. Please understand that this is not due to any sort of personal conflict or disagreement. I have found the AAEC board, staff, and membership to be overwhelmingly helpful and supportive during my tenure. The fact is, I have lost several clients due to the pandemic, and I very much need to turn my attention to my own work.

For many years, the cartoonists who served as AAEC President served a one-year term. Not long ago that term was lengthened to two years. According to our by-laws, as explained by our Parliamentarian Scott Burns, the board selects a replacement if a President steps down before the two-year term is up. I’m happy to announce that Kevin Necessary has graciously agreed to serve as President for the remainder of my term, with the board’s enthusiastic approval. I’ve been impressed with Kevin’s thoughtful dedication to our craft, and am confident he will be an excellent steward of our organization. I will remain available as his informal adviser. The President-Elect selected via our current elections will join the board in 2022 and take office as President in 2023.

Read Jen’s full statement here, where she updates members on some items
including the AAEC website (“much-needed repairs”), the annual print Notebook
(“decided not to publish”), and other news and reviews.

Being President has been a welcome excuse to socialize with other cartoonists, and I’ve sincerely enjoyed the enthusiasm of some of our newer members. It’s been an honor to serve an organization that has benefited me over the years. Please give Kevin Necessary a friendly virtual fist bump as he slides into the executive chair.

Kevin’s brief statement:

All I can say is I’m as shocked as anyone, humbled by @JenSorensen‘s confidence in me, and that I’ll do my damnedest to do right by my fellow editorial cartoonists over the next year.

AAEC Officers

  • President: Jen Sorensen, The Nib  Kevin Necessary, freelance
  • Vice President: Ed Hall, freelance
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Monte Wolverton, Cagle Cartoons
  • Immediate Past President: Kevin Siers, The Charlotte Observer
  • Director: Tim Campbell, Washington Post News Service & Syndication (2nd year)
  • Director: Liza Donnelly, The New Yorker (2nd year)
  • Director: Gretchen Koch, freelance (1st year)

  • International Advisor: Patrick Chappatte, freelance
  • Digital Editor & Cat Herder: JP Trostle
  • General Manager: Kelsey Maher