Tuesday Tooning Backing into Gloomy Monday

A few of the delightful comics today.

Occasional daily cartoonist Ron Ferdinand, he’s the regular Sunday comic strip artist,
drew Dennis the Menace creator Hank Ketcham in today’s panel as Henry Mitchell’s boss.

© North America Syndicate


Liniers pays tribute to another classic cartoonist in Macanudo.

© Liniers

Perhaps Winsor McCay‘s most famous Little Nemo episode.


As Richard Thompson reminded us yesterday: those were the days.

© Richard Thompson


It’s the most wonderful time of the year in Arlo and Janis as Jimmy Johnson spreads the love.



A change we needed after the bleakness of some Monday strips.

There was nothing blissful about Harry Bliss‘s Bliss panel Monday,
though Ben Zaehringer‘s Berkeley Mews is appropriately dismal.

© Harry Bliss;                        © Ben Zaehringer

Changing location to Scott Stantis‘s Prickly City didn’t improve spirits:

© Scott Stantis

The Funny Pages indeed!


At least we had Tom Thaves and Frank And Ernest to bring a smile back.

© Thaves

Drabble by Kevin Fagan also helped to put us in a good mood.

© Kevin Fagan

Beginning this week is what looks to be a Christmas tale of redemption in
John Hambrock’s The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee that will surely end well.

© John Hambrock