Sacrilege in the Funny Papers?

A Macanudo comic strip was upsetting to someone.

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The Durango Herald received a letter to the editor:

The so-called comic strip Macanudo has always been, to me, either weak or just plain stupid.

However, the one that appeared last Friday (Herald, Nov. 16) insulting Christians was offensive. I’m guessing I’m not alone in that reaction. Since the strip first appeared in the Herald I have wondered why it was added, especially at the top of the page. Is there some benefit to the Herald?

I’m guessing the reader took the comic as mocking The Ascension of Christ
(or maybe the walking on water episode?).

If so I suggest she stay away from Superman comics where the hero
has been compared to Biblical personages from Moses to Jesus.

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2 thoughts on “Sacrilege in the Funny Papers?

  1. Or any Roadrunner cartoon in which Wile E. Coyote is able to hover in midair over a deep crevasse as long as he doesn’t think about gravity.

  2. And the guy who wrote this probably thinks LIBERALS look for excuses to be offended.

    You know where I’m going to be in about an hour? Church. Yes, on Thursday. It’s Advent. And it didn’t OCCUR to me that this might be a swipe at Christianity.

    And anybody who thinks Macanudo is “either weak or just plain stupid” has no taste. It’s terrific.

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