Cartoonist Eleanor Davis Gets New York Times Gig – Updated

Original November 29 post:

Eleanor Davis, who The New York Review called “one of the very best cartoonists working today,” seems to have hooked up with The New York Times for a daily spot illustrating their “Of Interest – Noteworthy Facts from Today’s Paper” column.

Above is her first from November 3, 2021.



As seen the artwork doesn’t correspond with any particular item,
they just portray situations with people and their newspapers.
So are there an infinite number of scenarios? We’ll see.

images © New York Times/Eleanor Davis

Congratulations to Eleanor.


: Mike Rhode



The spot illustration gig turns out to be a one month assignment.
Beginning December 1st is Gosia Herba taking over the spot.


From Gosia’s Facebook page:

I’m very excited because “my month” in The New York Times starts today. Each day throughout December, one spot illustration will be published on the third page of the NY Times print. My theme is dogs and newspapers. If you stumble upon my drawing in the paper edition, please take a photo and send me.