Have You Hugged Your Cartoonist Today?

Townhall, a “source for conservative news and political commentary and analysis,”
gave their political cartoonists a virtual, and distinctly partisan, hug:

I believe it is time we all offered a passionate vote of thanks, perhaps even our blessing to the wonderful cartoonists that grace the pages of Townhall every day, helping us make the progressive cancer we are forced to consume and deal with elsewhere in America’s leftist, media-driven world, more tolerable, if not palatable. As good or as bad as things get on the political front, these artists never take a day off.

Each of us probably has her or his own favorite cartoonist, but in my experience over the past seven years, each of the Townhall cartoonists has his moments of profound inspiration and brilliance, where they can transform us readers from despair to hope instantaneously.

After calling on the memory of Gahan Wilson they print the roll call.

These great contributors alphabetically are:

Chip Bok                                                               A.F. Branco


Steve Breen                                                              Pat Cross


Al Goodwin                                                               Bob Gorrell


Steve Kelley                                                               Mike Lester


Matt Margolis and John Cox                                   Henry Payne


Michael P. Ramirez                                                 Tom Stiglich


Gary Varval

cartoons © their respective copyright owners

God bless these wickedly wonderful cartoonists and keepers of conservative sanity!

The entire paean can be read here.

Don’t know why they skipped over recent contributor Robert Ariail.

The Townhall cartoon page is here and it includes (upper right) quite an inventory of past cartoons.

2 thoughts on “Have You Hugged Your Cartoonist Today?

  1. Some men like to watch the world burn. These lot doodle and color at their master’s feet.

  2. Part of the current problem with this country is that Townhall is considered “conservative” when they’re so far right they’d call Barry Goldwater “liberal.” It’s like the John Birch Society has gone mainstream.

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