Tonight: The 2020/2021 Herblock Prize Virtual Event

2021 Herblock Prize winner Rob Rogers and 2020 Herblock Prize winner Michael de Adder are part of a live streaming event hosted by The Herblock Foundation in honor of the worthy editorial cartoonists whose work embodies Herb Block’s philosophy and approach.

The 7:00 to 8:30 times are Eastern.


© Michael de Adder

The judges said “There were many strong submissions in this moment of political crisis in America. The judges ultimately chose de Adder for his elegant yet concise draftsmanship and his ability to distill complex issues into impactful visual statements. Michael de Adder, who lost his job due to criticism of the American president, embodies Herblock’s standard of courageous independence, as defined in the award.”


© Rob Rogers

The judges said: “In an era that will not soon be forgotten, the winner of this year’s Herblock Prize drew work worthy of the history books. In a year filled with incredible political cartoon art, the judges deemed one portfolio to be the most consistent, the most poignant and the worthiest of this year’s Herblock Prize. That is the portfolio of Rob Rogers.”

Details and show at the Herblock Foundation Events page.
It is late notice, but that link will remain active for those who missed it.