Nick Anderson Editoon Becomes GOP Talking Point

The official Twitter account of Connecticut Senate Democrats raised eyebrows after sharing a cartoon Thursday comparing parents angry with their school boards to horror movie villains.

© Nick Anderson

Liberal cartoonist Nick Anderson, whose recent cartoons include depicting Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz., being sold at auction, produced the work.

A Nick Anderson cartoon showing the menacing side of some parents at school board meetings (which The Right refuses to acknowledge) was tweeted by Connecticut Democrats, but was co-opted by Republicans to prove that The Left hates parents of school age children.

Fox News contributor Joe Concha called it “political suicide” to “make parents the enemy,” while fellow contributor Guy Benson said the “contempt is real and it is deep.”

“What would Democrats do differently if they were deliberately trying to show utter contempt for parental rights?” writer Mark Hemingway asked.

Fox News reports. (You decide.)