An Appreciation of Political Cartooning

“The best art is not passive.”

Even beyond their value on the planes of humor and inclusivity, it is important to remember that political cartoons are, at their core, an incredible form of art. They task the artist with a manifold mission, challenging them to at once make biting political critique, formulate this critique so that it is understandable and attainable for the masses, and — of course — do so in a way that is visually alluring and appealing.

I adored the way these creations were at once so explicit and so full of hidden messages, sometimes boldly labelling gluttonous oil tycoons and at other times scratching down names or phrases in the tiniest of corners. I loved the way they condemned political machines before I even entirely understood what political machines were, the way they so unapologetically flipped the standing power dynamic on its head.

Megan Pontin, for The Cornell Daily Sun, has praise for the political cartoon.