Barbara Smaller and The Chief-Leader Join Forces

New Yorker cartoonist Barbara Smaller is now a regular contributor to
the weekly New York City-based newspaper The Chief-Leader.

© Barbara Smaller

From The Chief-Leader’s proud proclamation:

Ms. Smaller is joining The Chief-Leader as a regular contributor.

Every week in these pages, her drawings and accompanying captions will take on lives of their own. “That’s part of the fun,” she said of her compositions. “I just feel that if I know what it’s going to be like before I draw it, it’s not going to be that interesting.”

We look forward to hosting that spontaneity of both line and thought, communicated old-school, through a crow quill pen and India ink.

The Chief’s introduction also provides a short profile of Barbara.
Here’s a New Yorker profile:

Barbara Smaller has published more than four hundred cartoons in The New Yorker since 1996. Her drawings have appeared in other publications, including the New York Times, the National Lampoon, Barron’s, and the Guardian, where she had a regular panel cartoon called “White Collar Crime.” Her work was included in “Funny Ladies” (2005) the New Yorker cartoonist Liza Donnelly’s books of female cartoonists, and in “Sex and Sensibility”(2008), and was featured in the book “Rejection Collection,” a set of the best cartoons rejected by The New Yorker, edited by Smaller’s fellow-cartoonist Matthew Diffee. Smaller recently contributed the Daily Cartoons to

© Condé Nast

Cartoon Bank interviewed Barbara a dozen years ago.