Catching Up with Comic Strips

Been distracted lately – so let’s take a look at the Funny Pages.

The NCS isn’t the only organization handing out awards, so is the C.o.U.

© Dana Simpson

This Phoebe and Her Unicorn arc started way back on September 27.


Ces and Jim promised some weirdness for October Sundays.

© King Features Syndicate

And Sally Forth is really delivering on the Sunday strange.
(As Jim reminds us click on the strip for the dropped title panel.)


Cartoonists backing up cartoonists.

© Zits Partnership; Dave Blazek; Maria Scrivan

Zits dailies feature A Sloth Called Jeremy last week and this week,
when the arc took Sunday off Loose Parts and Half Full filled the gap.


A change in direction.

© Ruff Sketch Inc.

Detective shows seems to be very popular on television, so why not on the comics pages?
I enjoyed the short action sequence in JumpStart. Maybe Robb could have the dailies go
with Joe’s work adventures and the Sundays continue with the home life.


If Buck Rogers’ suspended animation only lasted for 100 instead of 500 years.

© Bizarro Studios

He would have woken up to a Bizarro world.


It is said that Saturday strips are the least read strips of the week.

© Lalo Alcaraz

So did Lalo use that day’s La Cucaracha to take a shot at The Pulitzers?


Chip broke into his grandfather’s collection.

© King Features Syndicate

Maybe Hi and Lois have have the complete adventures of Chip’s uncle. H/t to Eric.


In my day…

© John Hart Studios

The Wizard of Id Classics follows current Wizard of Id on my feed, and I have to admit the difference in the look of the one I grew up with and the one I read now is sometimes shocking.
But hey, I love Henry!


America backing up Great Britain (again).

A Reed Brennan Customer Service notice:

Creators Syndicate has issued a correction for Andy Capp black and white and color for 10/15.
The word “you” was missing from Andy’s speech bubble in the first panel. It’s been corrected to read, “Why do you say that, Vicar?”

The October 1, 2021 Andy CappEnglish version:

The October 15, 2021 Andy CappAmericanized:

© M.G.N. Ltd.



Rose is Rose is © UFS

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