Comic Chronicles: Will Be That Was

Old stuff.

A London illustrator in 1898 looks ahead one hundred years and is not all that far off.

‘Cycle lane, Rollerblades (missed out on electric scooters), Lots of buses, Planes, St Pauls still visible, Raised walkways (Barbican only). That’s impressive,’ one history fan wrote.


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Artist Hal Empie‘s sideline was cartoon postcards.

“He created the first Western-themed postcard, got into his car and began selling them throughout the United States,” Groves said.

He ended up selling hundreds of thousands of “Empie Kartoon Kards” through retail accounts in 38 states using nine printing companies, she said.

The original pen and ink drawings of the cartoons are preserved in permanent collections at the largest cartoon museum in the world, The Billy Ireland Cartoon Museum and Library in Columbus, Ohio.

Hal’s daughter Ann discusses his cartoon career.


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Archie is Eighty! October 15, 1941 saw the first Archie comic book story released to the public in Pep Comics #22 (dated December 1941).  Archie had made his comic book debut five days earlier in a Top Notch Comics #22 ad for Pep #22. Top Notch #22 was dated December 1941 but was released on October 10 of that year.


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George Herriman celebrates Fall in 1942. Up for auction soon.

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  1. A song not for now you need not put to stay.
    A tune for tomorrow can sung for today.
    The notes of the does-not can sound as the does.
    Today you can sing for the Will Be that Was. – Walt Kelly

    Just thought I’d source the title.

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