Cartoonist Ben Garrison Self-Diagnosed w/ Covid – Update: Ben and Tina Okay

Original September 27, 2021 item:

MAGA and anti-vaccine cartoonist Ben Garrison has self-diagnosed himself with Covid.

Ben Garrison, a right-wing cartoonist known for his opposition to vaccines and his extremely flattering drawings of former President Donald Trump, told Gizmodo late Sunday that he contracted covid-19 and has been sick for about two weeks. But allegedly getting covid hasn’t changed Garrison’s mind about modern medical science.

There is nothing said about Ben having seen a doctor.

“Yes, it’s definitely Covid and we’ve had all the symptoms. My wife and [I] went out with a couple to a restaurant and the next day all four of us were sick. One of us went to see a doctor and was told she had Covid, and that was the clincher,” Garrison told Gizmodo via email.

“We’re taking Ivermectin and various vitamins including a lot of Zinc,” Garrison continued, explaining what he’s doing to treat the disease. The cartoonist also notes he’s taking beet root juice.

When Gizmodo asked Garrison whether he’d been vaccinated against covid-19, he repeated many of the same conspiracy theories that appear in his cartoons.

“We will never take their foul spike protein-producing jabs, which are neither safe nor effective. They’re not real vaccines. They’re gene therapy,” Garrison wrote in an email to Gizmodo.

Garrison says he’d never visit a hospital to treat his covid-19.

Read the Gizmodo report here.

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UPDATE – September 29, 2021

A few hours ago Ben informed his fans that he and Tina are fine now.

Announcement made on his Twitter feed and Facebook page.

17 thoughts on “Cartoonist Ben Garrison Self-Diagnosed w/ Covid – Update: Ben and Tina Okay

  1. Well, at least he swears he’ll never go to the hospital, so he’s consistent in his rejection of all biological and medical science. I appreciate his commitment to not take away an ICU bed from a heart attack or accident victim, although gasping for every breath with lungs that don’t work tends to change one’s mind.

  2. If he does develop hypoxia I doubt he’ll be so cavalier. I’ve taken care of people with this and when your pulse ox drops below 80, that isn’t something you can just muscle through. What I’ve also noticed is that even the most ardent “free thinker” who won’t take anything from the “medical industrial complex” will still sure as heck call EMS when the straits get dire enough. Your chiropractor and the guy at the feed store don’t have a cream for cardiac arrest, sorry to say.

  3. So, based on what we’ve seen from these anti-vaxxers getting COVID, next up: his obligatory GoFundMe page quickly followed by his death.
    Unless he is just making it up for attention which is a possibility.

  4. @Jim—

    Or, his “self-diagnosed COVID” is just some regular bronchitis which he’ll miraculously recover from (outside of some horrendous diarrhea from all the ivermectin he’s taking which he will fail to mention) and use that as further proof that it’s all a librul hoax.

  5. @Mary

    Yes! Or he doesn’t have anything at all, but will “recover” because he’s used all the Anti-vaxxers cures. And then tell his story how we don’t need no vaccine.

  6. @Mary, @P.J

    Leads to my third hypothesis: he will fatally poison himself on the Ivermectin, Droxy, Betadine and whatever else they’re being told to take on Facebook. Not as common as the death stories but I’ve seen a few of those, too.

  7. As much as I appreciate the cartoon works of Ben and his wife, Tina, and respect his right to deal with his recent illness as he sees fit…I’d NOT do as he’s done. Likely he’s got the ‘Rona, the symptoms he describes fit what I’ve read of it. And at least he and Tina are isolated on their Montana property.

    I would have at least consulted with a doctor and gotten checked out. Maybe I’d take the Ivermectin, maybe not. I’ve got “something” that I know I’ll use if I ever contract this thing ,and why I haven’t yet puzzles me. Some things I know of how I do when these “bugs” get around give me reason to suspect I may have had it once or even TWICE and my ‘symptoms’ were so mild as to be considered asymptomatic. But I simply don’t KNOW, and since my HMO wouldn’t test me, as I didn’t meet the criteria, I wont know. Doesn’t matter. Nor am I certain I’ll get the “Jab”, if I do, it’s under PROTEST to keep my employment, not b/c I believe it to believe it essential. Nor do I necessarily believe that it’s THAT risky, but I respect the rights of others to REFRAIN from this EXPERIMENTAL treatment and take their chances on the ‘Rona itself. I wish Xiden and the power-mad Democrats would respect that.

  8. So anyway there’s this thing called an incubation period. (Yes, even with the Delta variant.) It ranges from 5 to 14 days.

    You don’t go out to a restaurant one night and then wake up the next morning feeling sick. That’s not really how it works.

    But what would I know?


    The Delta variant has a shorter incubation period. Maybe not one day but there is that.

    I speculated in my first post that, among other things, he could be making it up for attention.

    It’s also possible that they caught it days before this dinner and the dinner is simply coincidental. If the four people at this dinner are of the same mindset, it’s likely they were all going about their lives with no precautions and no vaccination. And the Delta variant will find you if that’s how you live.

    But, unless he dies, we’ll never know what happened, including him. To go through life not wanting to know facts and embracing the all-encompassing Whatever…

  10. Well, first of all, good for them. Ultimately, this isn’t a bug I’d wish on anyone, even a jerk as big as him. That being said—

    1) I’d take the “natural immunity” claim with a huge grain of salt from someone who diagnosed himself. I’m doubtful this guy went to the Medical Industrial Complex to get an antibody titre.

    2) If he actually did have COVID, he’s still at risk for blood clots so he should be on the lookout for that.

    3) “Natural immunity” doesn’t mean you can’t get it again.

  11. Oh, and

    4) There are a few patients that I’ve watched die painfully from this that I wish maybe could’ve received some of that blessed protection that God chose to give to Mr. Garrison. I know, mysterious ways and all that. Must be nice to find yourself one of His favorites I suppose.

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