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Mike Marland Gets NHPA Lifetime Achievement

Cartoonist Mike Marland received the New Hampshire Press Association Lifetime Achievement Award Saturday night at their Excellence in Journalism presentation.

From the NHPA site:

Over the years Marland has drawn cartoons for 11 newspapers from all over the state, starting out at the Littleton Courier. Mike spent the bulk of his career, almost 30 years, skewing politicians for the Concord Monitor. Although officially retired from editorial cartooning, Mike continues to draw a rural humor comic strip, R.F.D. syndicated by King Features Weekly Service and is the main gag writer for the long-running King Features daily comic strip Barney Google & Snuffy Smith. He also occasionally submits cartoons to noted its contributor’s honor: of the New Hampshire Center for Public Interest Journalism is honoring our 2020 New Hampshire Press Association award winners.

Editorial Cartoonist Mike Marland is the third contributor to win a Lifetime Achievement Award.

See the virtual presentation to Mike at 1:10:00 of the video.

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