AAEC ZoomFest ’21 Lineup Taking Shape


The Association of American Editorial Cartoonists has released
a preliminary schedule of their upcoming online-only convention.

The Friday events (so far) are for members only, but Saturdays are open to the public and free.

Saturday’s happenings, limited to 300 viewers for each event, include:

The finalists for the 2021 Pulitzer Prize in Editorial Cartooning discuss this year’s controversial results. Is this cultural classism that regards much of political cartooning as a “low” art form? Sort it all out with Ken Fisher, Lalo Alcaraz, and Marty Two Bulls Sr., moderated by AAEC President Jen Sorensen.


Cartoonists talk about staying sane (and creative) during the pandemic. With Sage Stossel (The Boston Globe), Steve Stegelin (Charleston City Paper), Kevin Necessary (Cincinnati Enquirer) and more.


Keith Knight’s semi-autobiographical streaming series about a cartoonist who gets political was a critical success and quickly renewed for a second season on Hulu. Knight talks about what’s next for “Woke” in this hour-long conversation.

The complete schedule, including times and links to the specific webinars, will be released next week.

More information and future reveals at the AAEC ZoomFest21 page.