“Public Spirit” by Charles Schulz (1962) is Trending

Well it’s trending on the spots I check in on.

In early 1962 Charles Schulz and United Feature Syndicate distributed to newspapers a Sunday format pseudo-Peanuts comic strip promoting the preeminent news source of the time. The promo ran in late January or early February on weekdays in black and white or on Sundays in the color comics section (or on Sundays in black and white).

Below is a Saturday February 3, 1962 issue,
where the newspaper’s editorial comment continues from Schulz’s last panel.

Today a few comics sites have been featuring the strip.

Nat Gertler features the strip in most of its formats with a hat tip to A Daily Schulz Twitter feed, where the half page color version is reproduced, getting him started on the search.

It also showed up on the Hogan’s Alley (new issue coming soon!) Facebook page.

Now we’re doing our part to spread the rare Schulz strip to comics fandom.

It seems someone found the color half at HipComic (they all have the exact same stain).

Thanks to all! Always great to find “new” Schulz.