Garfield Thrown Out the Window

Everybody remembers Garfield Minus Garfield, where Garfield was edited out of his own comic strip. Now there is a new Garfield meme where a Garfield comic strip is edited by replacing the last panel with one specific shot.

As a longtime favorite in the Sunday funny pages, Jim Davis’ Garfield has long been the subject of satire – much of it surreal – but current Twitter account Garfield thrown out the window achieves its affectionate mockery using only actual comic panels… just not as they were originally presented. Garfield may love lasagna and hate Mondays, but it appears the secret ingredient to comedy gold in his long-running strip may have been under the creator’s nose the entire time: having him thrown out of a window at the end of each of his adventures, no matter what happens in the first two panels.

Garfield has become a treasure trove of meme humor in recent years, with fans paying somewhat twisted homage to the longtime cultural icon in surrealist exhibitions such as hours-long, discursive commentaries or an entire subreddit devoted to elaborate, grotesquely Lovecraftian fan art of the characters. However, there’s a lot to be said for simplicity, and one twitter account – launched in October 2020 – goes back to basics by showcasing Garfield strips with the final panel replaced by a specific image from 1981 in which Garfield crashes through a window, changing how the overall ‘story’ reads to fans.

Screen Rant informs us of the new fan created Garfield strip,
a sort of reinvented “Friday Flop.” 

The Garfield Thrown Out the Window Twitter account is here.

A new reason to read Garfield, to see if it works on the new day’s strip.

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