Tomorrow’s Comics Today

Most comic sites upload the new strips around midnight – GoComics, Comics Kingdom, Arcamax, and the like all do it around that time (give or take depending on your time zone). But Creators Syndicate fairly recently began giving us the next day’s comics around 5pm Eastern (2pm Pacific).

For example Tony Cochran references The Lone Ranger in tomorrow’s Agnes.

© T. Cochran

Mark Buford doesn’t go there with Scary Gary:

© Creators Syndicate

Ralph Hagen does go there in The Barn:

© Ralph Hagen

So it goes with all of Creators’ offerings every day.

And there are other places for previews.

Since it is Saturday we can get an early showing of some Sunday comics from Stars and Stripes.

We see Jef Mallett has framed his Sunday Frazz for tomorrow with a couple rows of silhouettes,

© Jef Mallett

and Scott Stantis is introducing a new character, as far as I know, in Prickly City.

© Scott Stantis

Then if you’re like me the local paper has a Weekend Edition
that comes out on Saturday with the Sunday Funnies inserted,
something that seems to be a growing trend.

These are like early presents for comics fans.

© Vic Lee

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  1. When I delivered newspapers in the 1970s, I’d get the Sunday funnies, Parade magazine, and advertising supplements on Wednesday. One of the few perks of I got from a morning paper route.

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