Cartoon Classic: One Hundred Cartoons by Cesare

Oscar Edward Cesare – Cartoonist, Advocate for Humanity.

From Prabook:

After moving to New York, Cesare–he pronounced his name “See-sare”– served in succession on the staffs of the World, the Sun, and the Evening Post. He was influenced by Gustave Dore and Honore Daumier and, in the United States, by Boardman Robinson. During the Theodore Roosevelt era, when his work was appearing in the Outlook and other magazines, he was established as a cartoonist of unusual pictorial strength and penetrating political insight. When World War I broke out, he moved into the front rank of illustrators, with a steady flow of striking, powerful drawings that delineated the conflict’s cost in lives and resources. A collection of these works, largely from the New York Sun and Harper’s Weekly, was published in 1916 with the title, One Hundred Cartoons by Cesare.

Cesare began to draw for the New York Evening Post, then under the direction of Oswald Garrison Villard, whose pacific policies brought much criticism from the war’s prosecutors. American cartoonists generally became “government cheerleaders” after the United States entered the war in 1917, but Cesare stood out against the trend. He held truth to be a wartime casualty and hit hard at military censorship.


Brilliant and powerful interpretations of our times, by the man whose recent change from the New York Sun to the New York Evening Post gave the latter newspaper opportunity to congratulate itself on the good fortune which had enabled it, when for the first time in its history it decided to add a cartoonist to its regular staff, to obtain the services of the ablest cartoonist in America. Cesare is more than a cartoonist: he is an artist, and is known as such throughout this country, while his work is reprinted in European periodicals more often than that of any other American cartoonist. His greatness lies in his genius as an artist as well as in the strength of the ideas that his drawings express.

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Title: One Hundred Cartoons

Author: Oscar Edward Cesare
Release Date: September 9, 2021 [eBook #66242]