More About Sunday Funnies

As the 90th Anniversary of Dick Tracy nears (October 4, 1931) the current team of
Mike Curtis and Joe Staton will take a few days reliving the past, beginning today.


Looks like Samson is another cartoonist giving us our money’s worth on Sunday. Joining Andy Capp is Dark Side of the Horse with two gags in the third page format, then two more gags in the top drop tier!

Speaking of drop panels – today’s Wizard of Id from Hart and Mastroianni.


Mike Osbun goes for a gag I enjoyed,
but I don’t know how many city youngsters would “get” today’s Animal Crackers.


Autumn Almanac.
Mike mentioned Frazz, and there was Prickly City too.
But it was Georgia Dunn’s Breaking Cat News that had me going Though the Past Darkly.


When Indian Summer is mentioned comics fans’ minds naturally go back 114 years to
John McCutcheon‘s famous but insensitive cartoon from the front page of The Chicago Tribune.


Staying on the dark side – last Monday’s Mother Goose and Grimm by Mike Peters.



Courtesy Leigh Rubin and yesterday’s Rubes is your earworm for the day:

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  1. The Chicago Tribune Injun Summer cartoon may be politically incorrect or something like that in today’s world.

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